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Denis Kuznetsov speaks about the concept of his cuisine:

I am supportive of comfort food concepts. In other words, some familiar and traditional food evoking enjoyment and satisfaction.

A good old dish that your mum or granny cooked, but now having a refined and brought to perfection palette of flavors. In other words this is a completely new dish with a hint of the original source.



It is similar to an exciting movie wherein you basically can guess how it all started and how it will end, but you are still watching fascinatingly the plot twists.

Modern techniques and devices offer lots of opportunities, and I naturally apply them.


But in the first place I make healthy and delicious food and I will never refuse to comply with these principles for the sake of external effect.

At the end of the day it is the taste that you will remember. If something beautiful but tasteless it will not last long. I love when people come to our restaurant over and over again.


Inspiration is everywhere and an impulse can come from anywhere.

Books, fragrance of vegetables or mushrooms, spices or just a conversation. But in most cases these are the stories and wishes of our guests. You just need to sense moods and make more than you are expected to.

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