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Karaoke LEO works every day!

The most awaited news from LEO - Karaoke room is open every day! Everyone who likes to sing in a good company has an additional reason to visit LEO - now you choose the day! The schedule of karaoke: Daily, 22: 00-06: 00. The schedule of the karaoke lounge: Fri-Sat, 20: 00-06: 00

January 16

Dear friends! LEO restaurant is now closed for renovation.

We will be glad to see you in the updated interior of the restaurant. The date of the opening, we will inform leo.ua online and on our website to Facebook.

December 30

Happy New Year!

Let it bring you many wonderful moments and vivid gastronomic experiences!

December 22

Winter picnic in LEO!

Frost and sun or a rainy cold day... Whatever the weather, in LEO are always ready for a cozy winter picnic!

December 20

Celebrate the holidays in LEO!

The luxurious banquet or a warm family celebration, a special evening just for two or a dinner dedicated to yourself and your thoughts…

December 15

Champagne Philipponnat Clos des Goisses

Vineyard Clos de Goisses takes only 5.5 hectares, but gives rise to one of the most magnificent world of champagne.

December 13

Author's cuisine LEO

First-class service and respect for the privacy of the guests created a restaurant LEO impeccable reputation.

December 8

Laurent-Perrier Brut - vivid emotions holiday!

Unusually harmonious and elegant champagne grand house Laurent-Perrier wins delicious freshness with a delicate aroma of citrus and summer fruits.

December 6

Borsch: the magic of home heat

Denis Kuznetsov, the LEO chef, knows exactly how to turn your home into a work of soup culinary art, where each ingredient plays his part in the general symphony of taste.

December 1

Winter is coming: take guests to LEO!

Congratulations on the first day of winter! Let it be the sun, snow and fabulously beautiful!

November 29

Prosecco IL GRIGIO: a foretaste of the feast!

December days are created to wait for the magic New Year's Eve, and the festive mood will support an elegant wine!

November 24

New Year's reception in LEO

Dinner is probably the most comfortable shape for an informal holiday.

November 22

Your corporate in December LEO restaurant!

Only in December LEO restaurant provides excellent conditions for corporate orders!

November 17

In The Pink

Bollinger Rose Brut – a beautiful flower, "a rose in a glass of" ripening for about 5 years, to give the world its excellence.

November 15

New Year banquets in LEO: Early booking

This winter weather, that I want to
celebrate New Year in the month before!

November 9

Banquets in November: the individual special offers for our guests!

Only in November LEO restaurant great bonuses to everyone who ordered a banquet, showing a screen shot of our advertising!

November 8

Tuna tartar with meskatà

I can surprise tuna tartare? The subtle understanding of the properties of food and attention to every second of the cooking process give rise to subtle fun for the consumer.

November 3

Tiramisu: a classic italian dessert in LEO

Painters and poets of the XVII century was considered tiramisu means of improving efficiency – through a combination of coffee and chocolate.

November 1

Before the New Year remains very little time!

Let's plan the your holiday now – no rush, no surprises and no rent!

October 25

Your Birthday in LEO!

What should be the restaurant for a perfect holiday? Festive, bright, with good food and great opportunities.

October 18

Autumn antidepressant: Saute seafood

Saute seafood, fragrant and warm – perfect dish for any weather and mood.

October 13

Miso soup with artichoke and turkey navel

How to make miso soup, bringing in his European refinement and warm satiety popular ramen soup?

October 11

Will the heat: warming drink in LEO

Corporate LEO tea prepared on the basis of the classic English black tea with bergamot.

October 6

Your birthday LEO!

Individual approach to the menu compilation turn meal in a sophisticated event, which guests will long talk.

October 4

Celebrate important events in LEO!

Thank family, friends and colleagues that were there to share their holiday full of sincere emotion and exquisite gastronomic pleasures – in LEO restaurant organize a banquet for the family circle or the magnificent triumph of the large number of guests.

September 30

Mental weekend in LEO

Summer is back – weather forecasters promise a warm and sunny weekend. The LEO awaits Moroccan patio with panoramic views of the Dnipro!

September 29

Happy meeting: Albarino Dominio De Tares

Albarino – Spanish white grape variety from which are made fresh, bright and distinctive wines.

September 27

Bouillabaisse in Marseille motives

The orchestra of flavors, each of which takes the party, entering the general chorus – perhaps to describe the bouillabaisse, served in LEO restaurant, exclusively to musical metaphors.

September 22

Family Holiday: The Best Guest LEO

To the banquet was perfect and the guests get the most pleasant experiences in LEO take into account the smallest details.

September 20

Your Banquet In LEO

Banquet – a hot topic and the reason for any holiday beautiful experiences of guests and hosts.

September 15

Life In Pink: Laurent-Perrier Cuvee Rose Brut

Gentle color, delicate aroma and pearl strands bubbles pink champagne make the most romantic and exquisite wine in the world.

September 13

LEO: a benchmark for comparison

The restaurant LEO should go at least once to have a standard of comparison.

September 8

Your Birthday in LEO!

What should be the restaurant for a perfect holiday? Festive, bright, with good food and great opportunities.

September 6

Napoleon: A Moveable Feast

For us, «Napoleon» – a symbol of childhood and the holiday home, or rather its anticipation.

September 1

Italian Holidays: Brunello Tiezzi Vigna Soccorso

Sun-drenched hills of Tuscany – home to one of Italy's best wines.

August 30

Bruschetta: the generosity of the late summer in LEO

Our tasting menu - only the ripest vegetables of the season!

August 25

Crianza Frontaura 2006

Hot Blood: Spanish Red Wine.

August 23

Tuna Tartar In LEO!

The best that can be made with fresh tuna – is prepared tartar!

August 18

Taste Of Summer: Salad Quattro Formaggi

In this salad Italian cheeses – creamy mascarpone, soft ricotta, mozzarella and elastic salty feta - create a perfect quartet and not lose individuality.

August 16

Laurent-Perrier Brut – Freshness Of Morning Dew

Unusually harmonious and elegant champagne grand house Laurent-Perrier wins delicious freshness with a delicate aroma of citrus and summer fruits.

August 11

Black Sea Fish In LEO!

In the morning in the sea - in the afternoon in the restaurant due to the direct supply, we are ready to offer guests the freshest Black Sea red mullet and garfish!

August 9

Prosecco IL GRIGIO – the official wine of the summer!

Summer evenings are simply created to be happy and light mood will support the same elegant wine!

August 4

Lobster-Set 4 New Flavors

Give family and friends a summer evening in LEO with a view of the sunset!

August 2

Summer wine: choice of sommelier LEO

Juicy, bright, with pronounced flavors of strawberry, lemon, cherry and jasmine, rose wine is pleasantly refreshing and easy to dizzy

July 28

Forms for the summer: the cool terrace LEO

With an inviting summer terrace and Moroccan patio with a beautiful view of the Dnieper, Podol, Truhanov Island and the entire Left Bank.

July 26

Lemonade: fresh summer day

Classic orange or refreshing apple-ginger - lemonades in LEO give coolness even in the fiercely hot days!

July 21

Trout Nero on potato pancakes

To prepare our chef uses the latest technology: a sheet of nori wrapped fillet of Norwegian trout survive on salt…

July 19

Family dinner in LEO

Perfect family dinner does not necessarily plan ahead

July 14

Refreshing sorbets in LEO

Sorbet and summer just made for each other: a light, mellow cool dessert is even more desirable in the hot days!

July 12

Your birthday in LEO!

On this wonderful day you - the center of attention, you - in a stream of endless wishes and gifts.

July 7

Business meeting in LEO

On the positive solution of a business partner can affect not only the conversation, because 70% of the information we receive non-verbally.

July 5

Straight from the fire: the meat on the grill

Gentle barbecues, perfect steaks, succulent chops, spicy kebab - the choice is great, and worth trying it!

June 23

Philipponnat Sublime Reserve: champagne gourmet

This magnificent golden wine with notes of ripe fruit, hints of honey, fresh minerality and complex vanilla aftertaste

June 21

Mediterranean plateau with seafood in LEO

Our chef uncompromisingly refers to the range of products – so we are confident in the quality and freshness of seafood as well as any restaurant on the beach.

June 14

Your beautiful wedding in LEO!

What should be the ideal restaurant for wedding?

June 9

Perfect Burger in LEO!

Juicy minced beef grilled bun with cuttlefish ink and sesame seeds, Swiss Emmental cheese, pickled cucumber, a tomato, a little bit of fresh lettuce and unique homemade ketchup.

June 7

Blackstone Zinfandel for cool evenings

Zinfandel, the main grape of California winemakers may be the basis of how ordinary table wines, and these masterpieces.

June 2

Small holiday: oysters and wine in LEO!

Our large aquarium - it is an opportunity to keep the oysters alive and make a small seaside resort on the banks of the Dnieper.

June 1

Summer in the City!

Friends, summer has come! Feel the taste of the first sip our cocktails Lady Summer!

May 26

5 flavors Burrata in LEO

Soft Italian cheese «burrata» is so named because of the butter cream in:
«burro» in Italian means «oil».

May 19

LEO switches to daylight saving time!

Despite the vagaries of the May weather, LEO is ready for summer and has been welcoming guests on the terraces!

May 12

Fairytale wedding in LEO

Magical day for two loving hearts must be very beautiful, and it will be a memorable one with a restaurant LEO!

May 10

Spring mood: a sip of white Borgo Dei Vassalli

This Italian wine from the grape variety Sauvignon Blanc — a concentrated mood of late spring…

May 5

Okroshka to your taste

The chef Denis Kuznetsov LEO okroshka prepared from an ancient recipe, but leaves the opportunity for guests to add the final touch...

May 3

Terrace Piano

Our small but cozy summer terrace Piano hall will be enjoyed by lovers of solitude in the open air.

April 28

May holidays - a small rehearsal for the big summer holiday!

We have prepared an excellent tasting menu and a selection of dishes cooked on the grill and grill.

April 26

Moroccan courtyard: views of the summer

The atmosphere of a country holiday, fresh warm air and stunning views of the Dnipro…

April 21

Straight from the fire: the meat on the grill in LEO

Gentle barbecues, perfect steaks, juicy ribs, spicy kebab — the choice is great, and worth trying it!

April 19

Perfect Wedding in LEO

Every bride dreams of a fairy-tale beautiful wedding…

April 14

The new tasting menu: salad with tiger shrimp kataifi

The contrast of flavors and textures provide the salad with tiger prawns undoubted success.

April 12

Capannelle 50 & 50: the wine for special occasions in LEO

The name of this wine stands is simple: it is produced in equal proportions of grape varieties of Sangiovese and Merlot from Capannelle farm Avignonesi Montepulciano.

April 7

The new tasting menu: salad "Green Dragon"

Creating salad "Green Dragon", chef Denis Kuznetsov took as a basis…

April 5

LEO gives a discount

Try dishes spring menu is now even more enjoyable…

April 5

Chateau Corton Grancey GC

Latour name known to all lovers of wine –
in fact it is one of the five greatest wines in the world.

March 29

Lobster-set 4 new flavors

Give family and friends an evening in LEO!

March 29

1/04 Karaoke Night

Format, which has pleased our guests coming back!

March 22

New tasting menu: spring mood

March 22, chef Denis Kuznetsov LEO restaurant
presents a new tasting menu.

March 15

Lenten menu in LEO restaurant

The LEO's chef Denis Kuznetsov prepared this year
a special menu for Lent.

March 10

With the Shrovetide!

Favorite holiday of farewell to winter brings us joy and fun!

March 8

Holiday womanhood in LEO

Feel the breath of spring…

March 3

Update LEO wine list:
champagne Larmandier-Bernier

Classic French champagne house Larmandier-Bernier - a symbiosis of organic viticulture and scrupulous attitude to the traditions of production.

March 1

Spring in LEO

With the first day of spring! Heat, bright colors and emotions!

February 25

Straight from the fire: meat on the grill

The result is an uncompromising attitude to the choice of food - meat, perfectly cooked on an open fire.

February 23

Saute seafood restaurant by LEO

Saute seafood, fragrant and warm - perfect dish for any weather and mood.

February 10

Valentine's Day in LEO!

Most romantic dinner, under the sounds of saxophone and world hits about love...

February 2

The Riviera Room at LEO: celebrate at the top!

The bright, festive Riviera Room, with amazing views of Trukhanov Island and the Left Bank, will make your event special and create a wonderful holiday atmosphere just for you and those nearest and dearest to you.

November 17

The aristocratic company

"Baron de L" — noble wine, a godsend for collectors and delight for gourmets.

November 12

Welcomes guests in LEO!

The perfect holiday consists of many details. We strive to give guests the emotions and experiences that will be happy memories of your wonderful holiday.

November 10

Few Sancerre in the glass

With this amazing autumn perfectly sonorous and powerful Sancerre Comte Lafond Grande Cuvee.

November 6

Evening party on a KARAOKE-lounge!

Hookahs. Panoramic view. Cocktails!
Friday and Saturday evenings will start at 8 PM.

November 3

New menu LEO: appetizer of blue crab

Our chef Denis Kuznetsov takes the crab in two combinations.

October 27

Autumn Collection: updated menu in LEO

Our chef has updated the menu.

October 22

Small holidays every day

In the hands of the chef Denis Kuznetsov European dishes are transformed into exquisite gastronomic puzzle.

October 20

Love lives in LEO

Time to do the favorite even happier — and we will help you with that! For tender confessions there is no better background in Kiev.

October 15

LEO: Karaoke-style

Amazing interior in English style, professional sound, great team backing vocalists and sound engineers.

October 13

Author's cuisine LEO

Escape from the city, staying in it. Charm of privacy residences and the breathtaking panoramic views of the Dnipro.

October 8

Chamber family holidays in LEO

Rest in the circle — we care about rest of our guests, so there is nothing to intervene in the smooth running of the holiday or in the usual dinner.

October 7

Meet autumn in LEO

Charming autumn picnic with maximum comfort — this is the last warm days on the LEO terraces.

October 1

Champagne Agent 007

A few can compare with Bollinger Filmography — still, it's the favorite champagne of James Bond!

September 24

Warm autumn in LEO

Only ripest vegetables of this season on bruschettas with aubergine, sun-dried tomatoes, tuna sauce and tataki veal.

September 24

Soul of the party:Il Nostro Gavi

Solar wine with hints of linden blossoms and fresh mineral notes created for the beautiful moments shared with friends.

September 22

Timeless ocean classic: scallops in LEO

Game of tastes, texture and temperature with French perfect cooked Unbleached scallops Saint Jacques wild catch.

September 15

Wild story: Caribbean tuna with nori sauce in LEO

Perfect dish with dense Japanese seaweed sause, ginger and fresh basil.

September 15

Delicate matter: Crab mille-feuille

Perfect dish for romantic date or friendly dinner —
Kamchatskiy Crab with mascarpone, ginger and wasabi.

September 10

Welcome to Cannes

Champagne Philipponnat Pride of french wine — official champagne of the Cannes Film Festival.

September 8

Gastronomic kaleidoscope

Comfortable rest near Dnipro river with set of bruschetta
from new tasting menu.

September 3

Cheese collection: refined choice

Compiling a cheese platter is one of the most exciting rituals of classical European dinner.

September 1

Okroshka (cold soup) to your taste

Our chef cooks okroshka to an old recipe, however he leaves the guests with opportunity to add the final touch and choose dressing to their own taste.

August 28

Tasting menu in LEO

Ñharm of the late summer and Mediterranean food style inspired our chef to create a new tasting menu.

August 27

Small holiday; oysters and wine in LEO!

Our large aquarium makes it possible to keep oysters alive and arrange a small seaside resort on the banks of the Dnieper.

August 25

Hot blood: Spanish Red Wine

Crianza Bodegas Frontaura of 2006. Intense ruby, with bright, deep taste and deep aroma of red currant, cherries with spicy hints of spices and oak barrels.

August 20

Royal lobster in LEO

Royal lobster in LEO is a superb dinner consisting of three meals for two or three guests.

August 18

Frutti di mare

Mediterranean impact.

August 13

Strawberry Mojito with a view of summer

Sweet and fragrant berries add to the cocktail a tempting color of sunset sky and pleasantly soften the chill of mint.

August 11

Hot and hot: grilled meat in LEO

The result of a very careful selection of food products —
meat perfectly cooked on open fire.

August 6

Quatro Formaggi salad

Taste of summer.

August 4

Zabaione: new dessert in LEO

Our chef jokingly calls this dessert
in the spirit of the times as distructuring.

July 30

Cava Vallformosa: sparkling mood

To ensure a playful mood, our sommelier recommends trying Cava Vallforosa brut, a magical pale golden wine with a sweet aroma of ripe apples, melons and bananas.

July 28

Mediterranean seafood platter in LEO

Mediterranean platter is a good reason to recall (or anticipate) vacation, or share an exquisite meal with your loved one.

July 23

Taming the Sun: cold steam on LEO terraces

Fogging installation allows reducing temperature on a summer area by 10-15 degrees in a natural way without air conditioning and closed windows.

July 21

Suckling pig: a legend of Spain is in LEO now!

Crisp skin and succulent meat,
light smoke aroma and a trio gourmet sauces...

July 16

Îsborn porto: delight for gourmets

A glass of porto in summer evening — a nice custom of Spaniards and Portuguese to finish a busy day or to mark personal accomplishments.

July 14

LEO: fine dining restaurant

This is the place where they know the smallest details of gastronomic etiquette, and from the first visit, it will become your zone of impeccable taste and personal comfort.

July 9

Commemorate important event in LEO!

To thank relatives, friends and colleagues that were near you,
to share the event with them, full of sincere emotions
and exquisite gastronomic pleasures.

July 7

Summer terrace

Enjoy a bird's-eye view of the landscape, get maximum use of sunny days and fresh air, and multiply the pleasures of summer by Haute cuisine.

July 2

Moroccan patio

Experience the atmosphere of a quiet suburban relaxation within calmness of Kreschaty park next to the European Square in Kyiv.

June 30

Summer wine: choice of the LEO sommelier

Rich, intense, with pronounced strawberry, lemon, cherry and jasmine flavors, this rose wine is refreshing pleasantly and besotting easily.

June 25

Cooking tricks:
Nero trout on potato pancakes

In this dish, being very popular among our fairer guests, the key role is played by the Norwegian trout.

June 23

Marine temptations: warm salad with octopus

Playing with combinations of textures and flavors,
our chef has created an amazing warm salad.

June 18

Smooth rose

The LEO sommelier gives special attention
to selecting wines for summer.

June 16

Wild catch: grilled groper

In LEO, the grouper is cooked on a mangal, deboned
and served with mild salsa.

June 11

Lemonades: freshness of summer day

A classical orange or refreshing apple-ginger —
lemonades in LEO provide coolness even on the hottest days.

June 9

Smelt season in LEO!

Pleasant smell and gentle, fat meat secured for the fish a stable place among the northern delicacies.

June 4

Summer cocktails in LEO

Submerge into the summer, leaving behind the city's hustle and bustle with the first sip of our new cocktails, Lady Summer!

June 2

Tame the Dragon

Dragon will become quite harmless if this is about a dish and a skilled chef will exclude rice from the recipe.

May 28


Japanese style

May 26


The trend for haute burgers
has been supported in LEO restaurant too!

May 21

Wine card updates

Meet Sicilian wines

May 19


Variations in Italian

May 14


Entire grandeur of summer

May 12

The Sea runs high

In LEO, to bring joy to our guests by watching live oysters, lobsters and crabs, we have installed the most modern aquarium.

May 8

LONG Weekend

Karaoke hall is to be open 3 nights in a row! Waiting for you on 8, 9 and 10 of May from 20:00!

April 30

The May Holidays are a small rehearsal of a big summer vacation!

We welcome you to open a picnic season!

April 29

Please visit us to try okroshka!

A savoury okroshka prepared to an old recipe — skilfully diced tongue and chicken fillet, crispy cucumber and egg white.

April 24

LEO is switching to summer time

Specially on the occasion of opening, the summer platforms the LEO Chef has updated the menu — now it offers even more seafood, light salads and delicate desserts!

April 22

Seafood sauté

The French verb sauter literally means to jump. This is the trick of preparing the sauté.

April 17

Perfect steak in LEO

Steak is as simple as the stroke of a genius; however, it requires careful attention to details.

April 2

Grilled Norwegian trout steak

Do you know for what we love our Chef so much?
For his uncompromising attitude towards food products selection!

March 31

A new LEO menu details

Warm salad with baked vegetables
and Sainte-Maure de Touraine cheese

March 26

Summer in Italy

A new LEO menu details:
Panzanella salad

March 25

Your wedding at LEO

What does any bride dream about? About a wonderful, fabulously beautiful wedding party, whereat the guests will be equally happy as the newlyweds!

March 24

Unexpected move

A new LEO menu details:
tartar from a bull-calf with truffle crumbs.

March 4

The 8th of March in LEO!

Feel the breath of Spring...
The evening will start at 07.00 p.m.

February 17

New menu in LEO

More of your creativity and experience in LEO's updated menu!

February 14

KARAOKE-terrace on Saint Valentine's Day!

On February 14, the day of all romantics, the Karaoke Terrace opens
at 24:00 so that you could start the year, full of love and fun!

February 5

Saint Valentine's Day in LEO!

Love is in the air!
Evening starts at 6 PM.

December 30

LEO is among the top 10 best restaurants in Kyiv!

LEO Restaurant has hit the top ten best restaurants according to mainpeople.ua site based on the results of an independent readers' poll.

December 12

Winter picnic in LEO

A frosty and sunny or a dull and chilly day... Whatever the weather, LEO is always ready for a winter picnic!

December 12

Friday in LEO!

We are putting everyone in a cheerful frame of mind! Enjoy you weekend together with LEO: from 19:30 to 23:00, DJ is playing as a warm-up.

December 10

Dinner in LEO

Smoke and grilled meat aroma, warming mulled wine and panoramic view over the snow-covered city... Is it a ski resort? No it isn’t, however it is equally fabulous — a dinner in LEO!

December 4

Thursday is a LOBSTER DAY in LEO!

Any plans to impress your girlfriend? Or arrange the most romantic date ever? Or enjoy some gourmet dishes? —50% discounted price for oysters and lobsters!

November 12

New video of the LEO restaurant!

Located in the very heart of the city of Kyiv next to European Square in Khreshchaty Park, LEO has all advantages of a suburban restaurant.

November 5

The Chef recommends

The Chef Denis Kuznetsov recommends a lavish and delicious "Seafood Salad". To warm the heart, one should order white wine for it.

October 29

Enogastronomic combinations

To the "Veal Medallions with Pomone Potato under Blackcurrant sauce" the LEO sommelier Maxim Isakov has selected the wines that complement the dish and help reveal all its flavors.

October 27

Specialty tea of LEO

The tea LEO is a perfect choice for cold Kyiv autumn weather!

June 5

Summer in the city!

Magnificent view overlooking the river, murmur of leaves being blown over by gentle cool breeze and a delicate flavor of grilled meat... The dream of a countryside leisure time is much closer than might think — it's all there on the Moroccan patio and terrace of LEO restaurant.

June 3

A new MANGAL-MENU of the restaurant!

Shashlik and ribs in the new MANGAL-MENU of LEO restaurant! This is not just delicious, it's insanely delicious!

November 26, 2013

Acknowledged reputation

November 24, 2013, the 13th High-profile award ceremony of the International Festival — Contest "Choice of the Year" was held in the capital's Fairmont Grand Hotel Kyiv.

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