A century-old history restaurant

LEO is a restaurant with century-old history, flawless service and perfect cuisine, nicely combining national traditions and gastronomic trends.


A summer cafe operated here as far back as in the late XIX century. It became known and popular simultaneously with setting up the Merchant House Garden at beginning of XX century.

Dignified and noble people, who were alien to drunken brawls common in bohemian Hermitage and Bosphorus restaurants, gathered here drink a quite cup of tea on the summer terraces.



It was common practice to invite ladies to Riviera, so named because of the fabulous view onto the Dnieper and Trukhaniv Island, to make offer of marriage.


The Civil War did not spare Riviera
but the restaurant was rebuilt again and opened in the early 1930s.

Alexander Vertinsky, Lyubov Orlova (who, by the way, gave here perhaps the only private restaurant concert in her life), Faina Ranevskaya, Alexander Dovzhenko and other celebrities of those days.


Musical evenings, gourmet light dishes,
well-dressed people is the golden age period Riviera.

But due to intensification of the Stalinist regime the restaurant was closed and during the war the building was destroyed. The Restaurant's renewal coincided with the development Petrovskaya Lane and Park road that became the most popular places for festivities.


It was the Riviera that used to be the favorite destination of Khrushchev and hosted government banquets and parties for Ukrainian intelligentsia, from where Kyivans started and ended their Sunday walks.

The restaurant's popularity played a low-down trick on it: after the Khrushchev's Thaw, Riviera was razed to the ground within demonstrative combat against bourgeois morals.



And only after more than 30 years, a noble successor emerged on the same place.
LEO that opened its doors in 2007 in this fabulously beautiful corner of the park.

Exterior of the LEO's building recreates the historical look of Riviera nonetheless remaining the most up-to-date and reliable structure, and its interior amazes by elegant luxury. It is simple to find a place appropriate for an occasion and mood: be it whether a luxurious grand Golden Hall, a frivolous Moroccan patio, a luminous Riviera, an elegant French way Terrace or Karaoke a la English aristocratic clubs, it's up to you to decide.


A seamless union of history and modern times
is being observed in gastronomic concept.

The Chef Denis Kuznetsov, being one of the advocates of still emerging new Ukrainian cuisine, easily juggles the latest gastronomical trends. Asian direction, the latest trends of London gastronomy experiments, Italian dishes uncompromising in terms of food products quality, all of this turns into amazing, harmonious and original collage of tastes.

However, a perfect borsch cooked under the recipe of 1900 and a duck with buckwheat in cream sauce are traditional enough to introduce your friends and partners to the best dishes of Ukrainian cuisine to the accompaniment of leisurely talk about the last century of Kyiv's life.

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