Three reasons to meet LEO

A romantic date, a business lunch and a family dinner or just a desire to eat something that is really tasty... Whatever be the reason, choose LEO — a restaurant with impeccable cuisine, fascinating history and favorable location.

Impeccable cuisine

In the hands of Denis Kuznetsov, the LEO' chef, dishes of European cuisine are being transformed into exquisite gastronomic puzzles. It seems to be a familiar taste; however, there is something new in it, something exciting and memorable.

Attention to details, thoughtful and careful attitude to the original recipes is changing the conventional concept of the Ukrainian cuisine. In LEO, traditional recipes acquire elegance, while retaining homelike charm of familiar tastes well known since childhood.

How can anybody call it an outdoor restaurant without meat grilled on open fire? Concise BBQ menu leaves no choice and you will have to try everything, and not only because of high quality and jealously observed cooking technology. Unique meat sauces in LEO are turning wild and rough dishes into a well-remembered gastronomic experiment.


Park restaurant in the heart of the City

Located in the very heart of the city of Kyiv next to European Square in Khreshchaty Park, LEO has all advantages of a suburban restaurant.

Abundant greenery of age-old park, a far-off vanishing horizon and a beautiful Dniepro — one immerses into rest here instantly. Amazing views and distinctive forest calm that can be broken only by songs of birds, — Isn't that a dream of countryside leisure time?



At the close of XIX century the Merchant's garden was a favorite recreation venue of wealthy Kyivans — people used to stroll around and dance here and they visited premiere theatrical performances. It is no wonder that a summer restaurant "Riviera" appeared here.

In prewar days, a mansion-restaurant appeared on the same place, wherein the walls remembered Alexander Vertinsky, Lyubov Orlova and Faina Ranevskaya. Historical appearance of that building has been recreated and the new LEO restaurant has preserved legendary spirit of this beautiful and popular venue for over a hundred years.


Therefore, it is not surprising that even nowadays the elegant cascade of summer areas hovering over the Dnieper — Terraces and Moroccan patio — sweep you off your feet from the first sight.

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